We are bee farmers and this is a first for us as bloggers. The idea behind this is that it becomes a sort of diary of what we get up too in our lives as bee farmers.

My name is Tim and I have been a bee farmer for about 3 years. Before that I was an EAB. My wife Sally, helps me out at the weekends and evenings as she has a full-time job. Well, someone has to bring in enough to pay the bills. She makes the candles and cosmetics which we sell at farmers markets.

Currently we have 100 colonies, and as for the nucs, I haven’t counted them yet. The hives are spread over a large part of the Surrey countryside and although travel is our biggest bugbear, the forage from some of the sites is worth it, so I should not complain.

Our main outlets are local shops, garden centres and farmers markets where we have regular customers who specifically come to buy our products. These include, honey, candles, cosmetics, fudge and kits to make rolled candles.

We are members of the bee farmers association and also members of our local BKA, Weybridge. I hope everyone who reads the blog will find something useful or amusing, so if you have anything you want me to show or comment then please do.

About Bee Happy Products

We are commercial Bee Farmers in the heart of Surrey UK, producing Honey, Comb Honey, Candles and Cosmetics. We supply numerous outlets with our products.
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